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What We Offer


FIT812 Cardio class includes aerobic dance along with strength and conditioning. Nicole’s extensive background and knowledge in dance performance has allowed her to create a unique cardio and strength experience that can not be duplicated. With dance moves that can easily be learned, a spring floor that is life changing for joints, this cardio focussed class releases amazing endorphins and will increase your aerobic capacity.

Cardio Strength Classes

FIT812 Cardio/Strength includes 1/2 aerobic dance and 1/2 strength training. Nicole’s extensive background and knowledge in dance performance has allowed her to create a unique 1/2 cardio and 1/2 strength class that can not be duplicated. Group strength training, individual work, group relays… you never know what you’re going to get! With our amazing spring floor and Nicole’s creativity and knowledge you are sure to leave feeling on top of the world!


All levels and abilities welcome!

FIT812X Classes

FIT812X is a bootcamp style class that incorporates multiple areas of exercise. Strength training, cardio, HIIT, functional fitness, acrobatics, functional fitness… you name it, @fit812.bloomington does it. Nicole specializes in making every class fresh, creative, and different while hitting specific muscle groups to ensure growth, stamina, and endurance.


Is this class for me?


Every class is hard however YOU make it work for you. Nicole and her instructors will provide modifications as needed to make sure you feel confident and have proper form! Starting is the hardest part! You have to start somewhere.


FIT812 WOD is new to FIT812 and we LOVE IT! Our WOD or “workout of the day” class consists of 4 workouts. Nicole explains the 4 workouts extensively and then you are able to work at your own pace, with a partner, or with a group picking which WOD you want to do! After you complete 1 WOD you are welcome to leave or you can pick another WOD to start. You have 1 hour to work and you are able to fill that hour however you would like!

Mens Small Group

FIT812 Mens Small Group Fitness includes all forms of exercise to increase strength, endurance, and stamina. This class is specifically designed for men ages 15+ (13 and up if cleared by Nicole). You can expect strength training, cardio (not dance), and acrobatics. This class pushes the limits and you will see results if you are consistent.


Am I ready for this class?


Absolutely you are. Nicole will provide modifications for every move until you have mastered it with great form.


SENIOR FIT is a class specifically for ages 50+. We focus on functional movement, balance, building strength, and feeling good! This class can contains stations, group work, and individual work. Our goal is to provide knowledge and movement that they can utilize in their every day life. Beginner to advanced welcome! One fun perk is you have your own senior fit Facebook group to keep each other motivated

Online Support Group

It's not always easy to stick to your nutrition goals, hit your exercise goals, or just keeping a positive mindset. Being a member of the Online Support Group brings accountability, recipes, motivation, access to a small online workout library, and a community that will support you where ever you are! Plus it's only $5 per month! 

Online Classes

Can't make it in person? No problem! We record and post all of our classes so you can come to class from anywhere. We record each class and they're available on our website so you can do them when it fits your schedule. 

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