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Come to our Bootcamp style class to build strength, endurance, balance, and agility. Here you'll be instructed and motivated through an hour of bodyweight movements, weight training, cardio drills, and more.

Supportive Community that Loves to Have Fun!

FIT812's goal is to build a community where everyone encourages each other to be the best version of themselves. You will work hard at your own pace until you are ready to push yourself to the next level.  We will be there every step of the way. You will also have A LOT of FUN!


Bodyweight Movements

Body weight exercises improve your cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength all at once.  Nicole loves to be creative with her movements to keep your heart rate elevated while your body weight and gravity work together to strengthen muscles. 


Weight Training

Weight training has many benefits including developing stong bones, weight management, burning calories more efficiently...just to name a few.  Nicole makes sure every class that is developed to include strength training doesn't feel monotonous.  She continually alters movements to gain strength in a new and inventive way. 


Cardio Drills

 Cardio is good for the soul, especially at FIT812.  Being in a group setting at FIT812 allows you to feel motivation and determination that is unmatched by any other. one minute will keep our heart rate in the fat burning zone then the next we switch things up to bust out high intensity in the cardio zone.  Nicole's creativity keeps your mind intrgued and you body yearning for more.  

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